About Me

Hi my name is Tara van Beek….


Born 23.12.1969 at Royal Womans Paddington. My dad was Dutch and my mum an aussie from Lebanese descent.

I went to Double Bay Public…

First high school was Vaucluse High (first yr co-ed) 1982, expelled in 1983 then to Killara High for 2 hours expelled then to Holy Cross College Woollahra, left school yr 9 aged 14 yrs 6 months 1984….

Lived in Double Bay until I was 7 then we moved to Bellevue Hill and then mum bought our unit in Hall St when I was 11 (1981), sold it 2003….


My first job was at Macca’s Bondi Junction on the corner of Oxford and Newland St, not the Arhies side..Annabels was across the road then but Pizza Hut was there first, had my 8 bday at Pizza Hut and Beep RIP was there, we both went to Double Bay together..

My second job was at Glossy Lock Hair Design in Rose Bay as an apprectice Hairdresser..

My next job was with PromoSkate as a promotional rollerskating around Sydney handing out pamphets promoting everything from new shopping centres to brothels….

I then worked in food and beverage, no pubs.clubs etc but doing functions, some topless some clothed…I think Lucy’s dad orgainised one gig….Worked at the AJC Randwick too…

Then I became a fibreglasser (plastic reinforcement laminator), doing everything from waterproofing building site wet areas (bathrooms/kitchen/laundries/driveways) before tilers came in to do there job.

Waterproofed the arena at the RSA Moorepark, the old showground where the Easter Show used to be.

Repairing the rides that you rode at the Easter Show as they are fibreglass.

Re-hulling boats that dont met Australian Standard for strength.

Making car/truck/bike panels.

And model making…everything from the Mambo shop fixtures to planter boxes.

Then I became a nanny, working with able and disabled kids.


Then at 27 I left Oz and traveled around the world for 18 months where I worked as a nanny in the UK then a bar manager in Amsterdam.

When I returned to OZ at 29 I became a very successful swim teacher/coach in Bondi and Coogee….worked at the Hakoah Club + Coogee Randwick RSL and was the coach at the Bergs too.

After 7 years I got jack of working with kids so I got my truck licence, worked for Kambala as their bus driver also for the Prince of Wales hospital providing transport for dementia patients to go to respite care for the day to give their home carers (wife/husband/kids) a break.

Then I got a fulltime job with QANTAS Transport….

Then at 34 I finally left the valley with boyfriend who is now ex hubby and Anya’s father….we traveled to Alice Springs via the Gulf so we explored lots of Oz….I got a job as a tour guide for over a yr then got married got pregnant and the rest you all know……

And now I’m experimenting with blogging……

Hope you like my story xxxxxx


One comment

  1. Rachel

    Very good life story Tara.., you have done a lot of different things! You’re a go-getter & certainly not afraid of getting your hands dirty!!! Your continued journey has got more excitement install, I’m sure! X

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